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Monday, November 1, 2010

Canadiens Blogging just got WAY BETTER! Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself ...

I'm pretty sure that many of you are already singing the Stones anthem. And to be honest - if you are, I'm smiling already!

Here I am ... the newest edition to The Team at The Checking Line. And what better way to get to know you - and for you to get to know me - than a nice and simple introduction.

So let me tell you a tiny little bit about myself.

First of all, I have a serious illness. Yeah that's right. I'm sick! Some people love hockey, and some people are huge fans of the team they support. I however - have issues. To say that I'm a Habs fanatic would be a terrible understatement. I truly live and breath it. Some people think that I should seek professional help.
So as a part of my "therapy", I began blogging about the illustrious Canadiens. But that didn't help. All it did was solidify the fact that I have an illness. I became obsessed with looking for great Habs topics to discuss, and blogged incessantly about those things.

Strange for a guy that was born in South Dakota, USA - and grew up in Toronto! But I've had a Montreal chapeau on my head since high school. Many a day saw me and my fellow Habs fans, sitting in the "Greys' of Maple Leaf Gardens, cheering on our beloved Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge. We even made sure that we were there to shut down MLG for the last Canadiens / Leafs match-up. We won 2-1. And we rubbed it in all the way along College Street, making our way to catch the subway!

So when George and I began talking about starting a project together that might combine the ranting of (shameless plug!), with the professional hockey site of The Checking Line ... Well - it was a no brainer.

So here we are, and the excitement has just begun to build. The announcement of our "amalgamation" has already stirred people into a frenzy of excitement, and that's before we've even spelled out what we're doing. So I feel it only fair to completely let the cat out of the bag ...

Beginning this coming Sunday (Nov 7th, 2010), George Prax and I will be hosting an interactive blog, and we're inviting a couple of our closest Habs bloggers to join us in the commentary. We'll have different guest bloggers every two weeks to address the issues that are current and most pertinent to Canadiens hockey. But to top it all off, on the first Habs game day after each post, we invite you (Yes - YOU!), to join us avant le match des Canadiens for a LIVE BLOG to discuss what's been posted, and to get your thoughts and opinions.

Sound like a radio call in show? You bet! Sound like something that's never been done before in the history of Habs blogging? Right again! Think of it as radio without audibles.

So we're going to kick it off this coming weekend! And as the excitement builds, George and I want you to welcome our first guest bloggers for the inaugural version of this incredible program: Rosalyn Roy (@Tygerlylly on Twitter), and Scott Schmidt (@shmitzysays on Twitter). We'll release the topics later this week so stay tuned!

So there you have it! Habs Blog History in the making. Thanks for supporting us and joining us for the ride. I promise you that the journey will be great!

Also, please ensure that you head over to our guest bloggers web sites:

And let me finish by saying this ...

(I'm) Pleased to meet you - Hope you guess my name!


  1. Thanks Laura ... looking forward to you joining us on the LIVE Blog