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Monday, November 15, 2010

Montreal Canadiens : Habs Panel (BBBR and TCL) 2nd Week Panelists Announced

It's hard to believe that it's already closing in on two weeks since we had our first Habs Panel. And with the sweet success that it brought, we're pulling out all the stops for the follow up.

There has been plenty of action in and around the Canadiens camp over the past week. Success against two very strong teams (Vancouver and Boston), and a decisive victory against the Carolina Hurricanes brought 6 points to le Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge.

But other issues have arisen as well. Predominantly, the trade of Ryan O'Bryne, and the possible extended loss of Andrei Markov; only a few short games after his return from a torn ACL.

So we're ready to deal with the issues at hand, and this week we've brought in the following two heavy hitters.

Kamal Panesar is on the Panel this week, and he brings a lot of depth and knowledge to the group. Kamal is a freelance Habs writer, Senior Writer/Editor-in-Chief of Habs Addict, Montreal Canadiens Blogger on Hockeybuzz, and Habs writer for The Franchise.

And complimenting him is Kevin van Steendelaar of Habs Eyes on the Prize. Kevin's passion for the game has put him in the position of interviewing some of hockey's legends over the years; including Wayne Gretzky, Brett Hull, Cassie Campbell, Mike Keenan. Plus former Habs Kirk Muller, John LeClair and Guy Lafleur (to name a few).

So make sure you join us on the site this coming Sunday for another Habs Panel as we continue to chase after the relevant news on the Montreal Canadiens, and offer our speculation and opinion. And then prepare to get in on the action, as once again, we open the floodgates in our LIVE BLOG on Monday November 22nd - just prior to the Habs / Flyers match-up.

We're looking forward to having you join us once again!

If there is something on your mind that you would like the panel to discuss, you can still submit your questions here!

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