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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Habs Panel Success, and Post Canucks Banter

Well it's official. The first one is in the books!

And it's with great happiness that I can report to you that the first ever Habs Panel was a great success. Following on the back of Sundays Blog Post on TCL, Tuesday night saw the first ever Habs Panel Live Blog. Many people came out to discuss the Panels topics, to question our answers, and give their own opinions.

So for all of you that managed to make it to this first time event - THANK YOU! You made it a tremendous success. And like any pilot project, the success of the Habs Panel, and it's live blog, has ensured that we will be making this a regular feature.

So if you missed it this time - have no fear - you can join us again in two weeks as we do it all over again. And if you did manage to join us this time 'round, we're looking forward to having you join us once again. Bring all your friends! We have new guest panelists lined up, and you won't want to miss them. Plus - If you have certain questions that you want to see discussed, leave them in our Habs Panel Forum section and there's a good chance that we'll give you our point of view.

Last night was also a great success for the Montreal Canadiens. There are still many issues that the team needs to iron out, but in a week that will test the Habs to no end - it was the perfect beginning to a tough 3 game stretch.

Once again, I was asked to fill in for some vacationing staff at The Checking Line, so in order to avoid double posting, please check my Canadiens / Canucks post game wrap-up here.

Time for preparation against the Bruins on Thursday. I'd love to get your opinions on what the potential outcome of that match will be, or what changes the Canadiens need to make going into Boston. Feel free to leave your comments below.

So once again - Thanks for supporting the Habs Panel, BBBR, and visiting me at The Checking Line.

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