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Sunday, November 7, 2010

*** Premiere *** : Habs Panel and LIVE BLOG

As announced last week, we're embarking on a brand new adventure in Canadiens blogging and we want to get you involved in the action.

George Prax of and I are joined on the panel by Rosalyn Roy (@Tygerlylly on Twitter) and Scott Schmidt (@shmitzysays on Twitter) to address some of the current issues involving La Flanelle.

This week we discuss what needs to be done about Jaroslav Spacek, how to solve the issue of the top 2 lines, and ponder who we think should be called up from Hamilton; as well as who that person should replace.

We'll be following this up on Tuesday with the LIVE BLOG portion, where we want your participation. Join the entire panel at the TCL website prior to Tuesdays match against the Vancouver Canucks, and discuss the topics that we've addressed on todays panel. We want your thoughts and opinions! But that doesn't mean that you have to wait to be heard - you can leave your thoughts in the comment box under the panels blog as well.

So please head over to, and check out the Premiere.

And THANK YOU for all your support!

Cheers - Iain

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