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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to The Amalgamation : TCL and BBBR Unite!

Mark this date on your calendar, because intelligent Habs talk has just been escalated to a new level.

Welcome to a NEW era in the world of Canadiens Blogging. Today, I'm proud to announce the collaboration between Bleed Bleu, Blanc, Rouge and The Checking Line (

Hosted by the best hockey blog sites on the net, TCL and BBBR have come to an agreement to work together on one of the best and most comprehensive partnerships, to bring you complete insight and discussion on the most storied hockey franchise in the sporting world.

Beginning this coming weekend ... NOVEMBER 7th, 2010 - George Prax (of The Checking Line) and Iain Carnegie (of Bleed Bleu, Blanc, Rouge) are harnessing some of the best talent in the blogging industry to bring you commentary on some of the toughest questions surrounding the Canadiens franchise today.

Add to that, two exceptional panelists to give their opinion - and you're looking at one of the best Habs panels to hit the internet. And to top that off, we follow that up with a weekly LIVE BLOG, that allows all readers to join us and give their feedback on the topics discussed.

These are features previously enjoyed only by radio media. But the times - they are a changin'!

Stay tuned as we offer you more insight into this exciting new world of Montreal Canadiens hockey. And get ready to join us as we give you our thoughts, and fully anticipate your comments!

We're looking forward to sharing with you.

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