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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Canadiens Fans to Pick Three Stars

Hold Up! Did I really hear that correctly?

Apparently, according to the Habs Inside Out Puckcast (dated Oct 12th 2010), and a Canadian Press article published today in the Swedish Media companies METRO Newspapers, this comes direct from Bell and the Montreal Canadiens.

Announced during the morning skate in Brossard today, the statement was made  that fans will be able to download a free app from the Bell website. Previously, the selection was made by broadcasters televising the game; however now - this leaves the judgment solely to the fans online, or in the arena to make that decision. And their decision will be announced at games end, as per usual.

Does anyone else have an issue with this? Are we really opening up "voting lines" and leaving this in the hands of anyone who has the ability to log on to I can only imagine the ridiculous responses if Carey Price has a bad night. Are there really enough subjective fans out there to make the right choices? When did the 3 Stars of an NHL game become synonymous with "So You Think You Can Dance"?

I like the fact that Montreal is trying to bring fan involvement to a new level. The announcement of a weekly 30 minute player profile being available online, through Bell Mobile, or television sounds like a great way to connect fans to the team. But having a free vote on a games 3 Stars is ludicrous at best.

I can only surmise what the name of the Bell App will be .... Canadien Idol (?).