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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Not A Creature Was Stirring ... Not Even A Mouse

Isn't that a line from the famous poem about the most exciting day in a child's life? Christmas morning?

Well it is Christmas Morning: In October.

I woke this morning super early; bleary eyed, but with a little kids anticipation of the day to come. I'm a wee bit tired after the live Hockey Pool Draft last night, which I can't say produced the best results for yours truly, but that's ok.

I climbed out of bed and threw on a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, making  my way quickly to the living room. Firing up my notebook, I waited for it to boot up. Even it has a different glow about it on such a wondrous day. Twitter, HI/O, and the fantasy draft page on my screen - I proceeded to open every new blog post like a most desired present. Reading through each one with goose bumps building across the surface of my skin. All of it culminating in what will be the best and most desired present of the day ... Opening Puck Drop of the Canadiens vs. the Maple Leafs, tonight at the Air Canada Center.

I can hardly believe that October 7th 2010 has arrived.

Now I'm not going to go over the starting lineup for tonight, because many other great writers have touched on that subject in the "presents" that I mentioned earlier. And if you want to have the joy of opening those gifts yourself - then I implore you to go and read them! Instead, I wanted to try and put into words, the excitement and pure giddiness that I'm feeling as the new season has arrived.

Tonight, the speculation about top 12 forwards, who'll be in net, what the "D" is going to look like, and who's going to remain on the big team all come to an end. And no doubt, when the game comes to it's conclusion tonight - we'll all be back to writing and Tweeting our thoughts and criticisms. And why not? That's what fanatics do!

But for right now, I want to live in this moment. I want to cherish this feeling. One of eager anticipation, youthful impatience, wide-eyed excitement. Because for me, this is what being a Habs fan, and hockey fan is all about.

I'll close with this. I may not have talked about how I think Eller is going to do replacing Cammalleri tonight, and I haven't mentioned how different we're going to look with our full on "A" Team out there - with a non-AHL defense and offense. But what I WILL say is this:

Canadiens 4 Maple Leafs 3 (OT).



  1. You summed it up perfectly with the kid on Christmas morning thingy. After a crazy, hectic and uber stressful day I'm feeling giddy again. Thanks for reminding me why I love this sport so much. ;)

  2. You guys still doing the Hockey Pool Draft .... damn.... but hey ... love it ;)

    anyhow, I don't watch Hockey till the playoffs but I always enjoy a good game.p.s: i always read Emann comments and i am all done about the summary o the

    anyhow, anything about Hockey, Emann is the man to follow ... he knows his hockey ;)

    Will see you soon brother ... all the best