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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guest Post: From Eric Smart @ Not Your Typical Habs Fan (Facebook)

Since the inception of this site, I have been blessed with many readers, some insightful comments, some great back and forth banter, and I believe - some new friendships.

It's certainly not easy building a regular readership, and often the self promotion feels like I'm pimping myself. But in order to get yourself out there, one thing is for certain. You have to meet others, share, and collaborate. So I was very happy when Eric Smart of the Facebook Group I AM ... Not A Typical Habs Fan decided to add me on as an administrator for his group, and we decided to work as a team to grow that site into the best Canadiens affiliated group in the Facebook community.

I strongly urge you to visit it - become a member - and join in on all the discussions. Plus , with improved membership numbers, we'll be looking to add prize drawings.

So having said all of that -  I apologize Eric, for the long winded introduction - here is the first ever guest post on Bleed Bleu, Blanc, Rouge.


All aboard the PK Train!!!!!!! Not me… not yet! (By Eric Smart)

** Spoiler Alert** - PK Subban fans will not like this article

I must admit, before moving on with my personal opinions about Mr. Subban, that I admit I do in fact own a PK Subban T-shirt. However, I am not blinded by his extremely risky style of play. Ever wonder why Jacques Martin’s hair looks like that? It’s because he’s combing it over the ones he’s ripped out while watching PK play.

Let’s face the truth here. PK has been overexposed and is always in the spotlight since the beginning of the year. CBC interviews him every chance they get; and who is he – really - to be giving his “experienced opinion” on what the team needs to do going into the next period. Who is he to be giving instructions to anyone before a face-off. The unfortunate truth is that if PK was white and had a French Canadian name, 90% of the country wouldn’t know who he was.  

Don’t agree with me? Explain to me why Alex Picard isn’t getting a fraction of the attention that PK does. Picard has a goal and is a plus 4. PK doesn’t even have a goal yet and has made tons of mistakes. 

The Montreal Media and fans are notorious wagon jumpers and I’m genuinely concerned that this kids head is going to get way too big. If it continues this way, he will think that he’s going to deserve a $6 million/year deal come negotiation time. We hyped Mike Komisarek like he was the best physical defensemen since Scott Stevens (we even voted him into an All-star game) and look what happened. He went off looking for the big bucks in a different team. Luckily for us, other teams in the league believed the hype and took him off our hands. Same thing happened with Souray. He was absolutely terrible for a defenseman; however… he was convinced that he should have 24 minutes of ice time per game and be paid millions, just because he had ONE healthy career year ripping 100 mph slap-shots on the PP
Like I said, it seems like the PK Subban bandwagon is upon us and I can only hope that he won’t fall into the trap that has made victims of so many of our players in the past. Give him a break for a minute and let’s start interviewing our new experienced captain.  

I have no doubt that PK is going to be a superstar… but it’ll be in a different city if we’re not careful. 


  1. What bothers me more than PK making risky moves, and tons of mistakes is when people who love hockey don't understand that it is a business. Without this type of marketing of less than amazing players, the NHL market would not be where it is today. You ask any kid these days ( under the age of ten) who their favorite current Montreal Canadien is, and chances are you'll get PK as your response. This kid is what MTL needs. We need some flash. We need someone to draw attention from the media, and let the guys who score goals focus on scoring goals. He doesn't create a distraction to players, he gives them breathing room. Plus his potential is ridiculous. Do you get your panties in a twist when NYI interview John Tavares? Nah, didn't think so. Well written but pointless article.

  2. What I mean is, fans that have been watching Habs hockey for years would agree, that PK is over marketed and blah blah blah. But without those new fans pouring in from "PK attention" there wouldnt be all this awesome Habs hockey for the rest of us. Bandwagoners is what makes the hockey world go 'round. Look how much money Halak made us in 4 weeks.

  3. John Tavares is a first overall pick in a draft. He is the franchise player and the one everyone will be banking on to bring the Islanders to the next level. With the Isles injuries this year he is currently the ONLY thing they've got going for them and he is playing in a city the desperately needs a following.

    Compare apples with apples dude. Montreal sells out every seat in the Bell Centre every game, they have more than enough players to idolize (including PK).

    I never said that he doesn't need exposure, my argument is simply that he's getting way to much and my MAIN concern was that of the player's.

    Well written... but not well read.

  4. Too add to it though. As much money as the Habs make or can make, they will always want to make more. Hey, at least we didn't pollute our dressing rooms with giant posters of the kid, ala Kadri.

  5. Jay: That's why he got the guest position. Opinion - Fiery - Backs it! I love it too.

    Eric: Way to respond!

    All: I have my ups and downs with PK Subban as well. As I have commented in previous blogs, and Tweeted (@emann_222), the kid needs reigned in a bit. I don't want to see him get too big for his own good. He needs a mentor without doubt. I also believe that Jay is fair in his comments that he is a fire and spark that the Habs have needed for some time. So it now becomes the delicate task of the Canadiens organization to do that which is never easy to do. Help the spark ... feed it enough oxygen to turn it into a raging flame ... but being careful not to breath on it to much and put it out.